What It’s Like to Be a Customer Service Agent with ClearSource BPO

Too many BPOs and call centers are hyper-focused on the wrong hiring qualifications. They want customer service agents with years of experience, specific industry expertise, or completed a certain level of education.

In reality, none of that matters. There are other expectations call centers should have for their customer service agents. So let’s talk about what really matters.

What Do Customer Service Agents Do?

What is a customer service agent? To put it simply, customer service agents ensure every incoming caller has an excellent service experience. They accomplish this by doing the following:

  • Take incoming calls from customers.
  • Listen to the customers’ questions and/or concerns.
  • Provide an answer to those questions.

Ideally, customer service agents shouldn’t just stop at these three expectations; they should go above and beyond to improve the customer experience, however that may look.

What Makes a Quality Customer Service Agent?

At ClearSource, we don’t focus too much on technical expertise or years of experience in the customer service industry. Instead, we prioritize the ability and willingness to get the job done. We divide this into three ideals: get it, want it, and a capacity to do it.

  • Get it: Do you have the desire to learn about new and exciting products? We mean this by “get it”—you understand our passion and excitement about the work. If you’re curious by nature, that will help us train you and transfer that excitement and knowledge about products and industry standards.
  • Want it: Do you know what you want out of life? Are you willing to work with us to achieve that? Whatever those goals are, helping ClearSource succeed can turn those dreams into reality.
  • Capacity to do it: Are your life circumstances conducive to having this job? We want to make sure you can at least work the hours you’re expected to and have the ability to get to your desk on time. Everything else is gravy; we don’t want to judge you by experience solely.

How Is Working for ClearSource BPO a Different Experience?

A job at ClearSource BPO is different from other BPOs and call centers because we invest in our employees’ futures. We’d love to think you want to stay a customer service representative for your whole career, but we know you have bigger dreams on your mind. Here are some ways we help you get there.

ClearSource Prepares You for the Future

Those three qualities we mentioned earlier (get it, want it, capacity to do it) should be at the core of every career path. That’s why we focus on them. Since we want to prepare you for whatever future you envision, prioritizing those qualities will help that future come to fruition.

ClearSource Encourages You to Pursue Your Dreams 

We know a job at ClearSource probably isn’t the end goal for your career. So what do you really want in life? Tell us what that is, and we’ll help you get there. We know that giving you time to pursue your dreams will make you happier at your job here at ClearSource.

For example, maybe you want to be a professional photographer or a chef at a Michelin star restaurant. We want to work with you to set achievable goals to help you reach that dream job. 

In this example, we might encourage you to spend your free time interviewing people who are already doing what you love for a living. Then in your meeting with your manager, you could discuss how that interview went and report on what you learned. After all, our managers are more interested in your life and goals than our KPIs.

Anything that helps you learn more about entering your desired career path, we’ll support you 100%.

Start Your New Career Path

Are you ready to work for a company that genuinely cares about your life pursuits? We’re ready to meet you. Contact us today to learn how to become a customer service agent with ClearSource BPO.

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