Direct Sales Customer Service & Support

Customer loyalty through understanding

We believe that equipping our agents to be successful and treating them as valuable members of our team instead of a commodity is what drives discretionary effort to go above and beyond with each interaction.

We know that offering high-quality Customer Experience is a must to sell products directly to consumers. Your customers become brand champions because of the personal, one-on-one relationship that comes with direct selling for both the consumer and the brand representative.

Customer loyalty is driven by exceptional experiences before, during and after the initial sale. That’s why ClearSource takes the time to understand the customer’s journey and work in tandem with our direct selling partners to perfect it.


Direct Sales Support

It’s no secret that the Direct Sales industry would not be a force in the marketplace without Exceptional Customer Experience. Let’s face it, most direct sales brands depend on highly targeted marketing to gain a foothold, but it is word of mouth and customer reviews that help grow a brand. If the mix of product, packaging, message and Customer Experience isn’t on point, sales suffer, and inventory sits at the warehouse instead of being shipped to new customers.

Brands invest heavily in research and development, marketing and production to ensure a smooth roll-out but often neglect the all-important role that CX plays in winning new customers for life. Your products are high-quality, and customers expect that same level of personalization and excellence when they need help tracking down an order and getting more products.

We support direct sellers too. Your brand representatives are dependent on quick and reliable answers to questions on product features and benefits, so ClearSource helps brands build out an extensive knowledge base to streamline the experience. We also help your reps understand commission structure and product ordering cycles so your internal team can concentrate on the core business.


Putting the Customer First

One of our core values is “Customer First” which is why we hire diligent, patient and empathetic agents to resolve each outreach on the first contact.

We function as an extension of your brand to keep your customers and sales reps happy. We scale with ease, improve processes, and reduce agent effort through technology too. Our omnichannel support services enable customers to use their preferred channel without the inconvenience of repeating personal information to every person with whom they interact.

ClearSource understands what differentiates a direct sales brand from a standard retailer – providing The Exceptional Customer Experience.

Why not have a quick consultation with one of our CX Superheroes to discover how we help the world’s leading brands rise above the competition.

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