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Contact Center Services

ClearSource delivers winning Omni-channel solutions to brands that demand The Exceptional Customer Experience. We do so by taking the time to understand the needs of our partners, and best practices with respect to Operations, Training, Quality and Technology. By focusing on first-call resolution and customer satisfaction, ClearSource sets a high bar for Customer Experience. We believe in empowering agents to build brand loyalty during every interaction. ClearSource offers highly tailored programs staffed with agents who meet the exact recruiting profiles of our partners. A luxury retailer may need a champion who is already a fan of the brand, while a wellness brand may need empathetic agents who are good listeners and problem solvers. That’s why ClearSource does not hire pool agents, then assign them wherever they are needed.

Operations Managers

Our Operations Managers play a major role in the hiring process and interview every candidate to ensure a proper fit before an offer is extended. We have many programs and each is a bit different. Some use a universal agent approach where a single agent can interact on any channel and help resolve any issue for a customer. Other programs have different teams for customer care, tech support, and sales support. It really comes down to what will drive the best possible outcome for our clients and their customers.


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