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Ensuring a sustainable future, one exceptional service at a time

No one else in the customer service industry provides better support services for the solar industry. From sales support to engineering, to customer care, we support the entire customer journey. We are committed to taking the hassle out of the back-office functions relating to getting solar and other renewables installed. We want you to focus on what you do best, which is selling and installing solar.

Let us worry about processing all the paperwork and making sure you and your clients have a seamless customer experience. In addition to our knowledge of generating PV plan documents and running PV proposals, we can help with our extensive knowledge of AHJ, Utility, and solar contract processes.

A One-Stop Solution for Solar Companies

Solar companies need a support system for their processes, employees, and clients

ClearSource prepares price estimates for sales staff in the field, designs solar installations, and handles customer support after the sale.

ClearSource is the only BPO providing this depth of support to the renewable energy sector.

There is no need to have internal engineers design installations because ClearSource has the expertise to do so, often at a fraction of the cost of an internal team.

While many solar companies only work with a BPO partner for customer care, thought leaders are turning to ClearSource because we provide not only a clear advantage but the type of expertise that is earned by actually doing the work for many years.

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How ClearSource BPO Helps The Solar Industry

We are purpose built to be your one-stop shop for all supporrt. Here’s how we do it.

Sales Representative Support

While your sales representatives are knocking on doors and explaining your product to potential customers, we’ll instantly draft proposals that streamline the sales process. We also have engineers who design solar installations in real time, a resource your sales team can use to drive home the value of solar to leads.

Project Management for Installation

Once the sale is made and it’s time to install, you won’t have to hire project managers to oversee installations. Our project managers ensure your installation team knows where to go and what to do before they leave the shop. Our services include contract management, customer requests for system upgrades, and facilitating communication between the customer and your sales team.

Post-Sale Support

After the job is complete, ClearSource provides back-end solar customer service including billing, product troubleshooting, and managing expectations with respect to total cost of ownership and return on investment.

Lines of Business Served

  • PV Permit Design
  • PV Proposal
  • PV As-Built Drawings
  • PV AHJ Corrections
  • PV Electrical Diagram Design
  • Structural Stamp
  • Electrical Stamp
  • Contract Processing
  • Customer Usage Review
  • PV Site Survey Review
  • PV Utility
  • Interconnection
  • Applications
  • PV System Financing
  • PV Rebate Processing
  • Sales Support
  • Customer Support
  • Site Survey (Select Markets)
  • OM Services
  • Consulting Service
  • AHJ Database

ClearSource Experience

  • Customizable turn times and pricing
  • We can build a team that works exclusively with your design processes
  • 24-hour 7 days a week service
  • Onsite consulting offered at no extra cost
  • Ability to scale quickly to help you meet growing needs

Isn’t it time for your solar company to gain a competitive advantage by working with ClearSource?

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