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Remote Agents

ClearSource realized the benefits of working from home early on and has had Home-based Agents for many years. We tailor each solution to the exact needs of our client. Our approach differs based on many factors including program complexity, length of training and the product (s) we are supporting. For complex programs that involve tech support troubleshooting, we train using a product lab in a brick-and-mortar location. Agents who pass proficiency testing are typically sent home with a working model of the product they are supporting to expedite troubleshooting and improve the customer experience.

Virtual Training

When it comes to remote learning at ClearSource, connection is key. Through our Core Values and comprehensive Leadership Training, we start by building on a foundation of trust. Our Leadership training connects our employee’s work to deliver an exceptional customer experience to their own goals and needs.

When a new hire walks through our (virtual) doors, we provide them with the tools and resources to optimize their success:

  • Two trainers in our new-hire training classes to help connect and engage our learners with the content
  • Curated content with a focus on both technical skills and building connections with our customers 
  • Weekly 1:1’s that begin in training and continue through their ClearSource journey

We also believe in continuous learning that extends beyond the confines of traditional training courses. continuous and goes beyond the training room. We have implemented a comprehensive LMS where employees ask questions, find answers, and connect with their team:

  • Employees earn certifications, badges, and points to build expertise
  • We have “Moment of Need” training resources who reinforce key concepts
  • Training curriculum is refreshed based on QA analysis and client feedback

Remote agents are often more productive, miss fewer days of work and drive higher CSAT for our clients across a whole range of programs.


Agent Benefits of Working from Home

  • No commute time: Working from home saves the average employee 51 minutes a day. In urban areas with traffic congestion, time saved averages over 70 minutes.
  • Fewer distractions: There are plenty of distractions in the office, whether it’s the latest workplace gossip, a friendly conversation with your desk mate, or the snacks in the breakroom.
  • Better work-life balance: People who work at least one day at home are 24% more likely to feel happier and more productive in their roles.

Client Benefits

  • Full staffing at shift change – despite best intentions, agents who commute to the office face issues like traffic delays, bad weather or lack of transportation. In the Work-from-Home model, very few workers report late for a shift and absenteeism is less than 5%.   
  • Scalability – the recruiting pool for top talent is much deeper when agents are able to work from home. We have scaled a program from 20 agents to over 700 in this model with no degradation of quality.    
  • Better work-life balance for agents drives higher customer satisfaction across all programs. While high client satisfaction has been a constant at ClearSource, our current rating of 97% is hard to beat.

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