Our Commitment

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The ClearSource team believes the Exceptional is Essential when it comes to customer experience. We don’t back down from challenges and see every learning opportunity as a stepping stone to growth and success.

Our Formula for The Exceptional
Customer Experience

At ClearSource, Exceptional CX meets the following criteria:

tech support
The Issue is resolved upon first contact.
happy customers
The customer's emotional connection with your company is enhanced.
The time and effort required of the customer are minimized.

CX Champion:

Meet Kacey, an Operations Manager who delivers amazing results for clients.

Kacey recently launched a new team for our partner Traeger and under her leadership, performance has been remarkable. In less than 60 days, the new team ranks No. 1 across all locations. As one of ClearSource’s Customer Experience Champions, Kacey has a keen sense of what it takes to be successful on the program.

Agents need to be brand advocates, tech-savvy, and confident in their abilities to resolve issues during the first interaction. With that in mind, she personally interviewed and hired every candidate for her team, then worked with them during product lab training sessions. The team exceeded expectations and is poised for growth in 2023 and beyond.  


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For a free consult with our Head of CX Design, fill out the form, call us at 385-508-4015 or email CXsuperhero@clearsourcebpo.com. For Human Resources, call 801-989-5550.