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The founders of ClearSource, Rob Goeller and Nate Spears, have a strong background in the financial services sector. It was their collective experience in leadership roles in financial services for a luxury auto brand that inspired them to start ClearSource. Replicating the customer experience offered by luxury auto companies was the goal. While many BPOs are focused primarily on cutting costs, Rob and Nate decided to take the opposite approach.

By hiring top agents, offering comprehensive training and rewarding them for doing an excellent job, ClearSource forged a new path in the call center industry. Customers often change banks after a single poor experience with customer service.

Most often, the customer service rep is poorly trained and can’t resolve the issue at hand. Rather than escalate the situation, the customer ends the interaction and switches providers without further discussion. The financial services company loses a customer for the most frustrating of reasons – an agent who was unable to help and didn’t take proper action to retain the customer. ClearSource BPO understands financial services because our leaders worked in that sector for many years.

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No one was focused on Quality,
said Rob

It was about cutting costs. Customer experience wasn’t nearly as important as financials.

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It was alwats a race to the borrom,
said Nate

We knew there was a better way.

How ClearSource Helps the Finance, Banking and Insurance Industry


Proper Security Certification

Customer data security should be at the forefront of your call center’s strategies. Financial information in the wrong hands can be incredibly harmful and tarnish your customer relationships. As a company, we are PCI-DSS and SOC 2 Type 2 certified.


Quality Language Support

From traditional banks and credit unions to fintech firms dealing in cryptocurrency, ClearSource understands the importance of effective communication, empathy and compliance. When customers call about their finances, they are probably already a little stressed out. That’s why ClearSource invests heavily in top talent and provides expert trainers with a background in financial services. We believe conversations should flow effortlessly, that’s why we pay more than anyone else in our industry to hire the best English speakers available in all of our locations.


Low Attrition ​

Employee attrition is historically high in the customer service industry. Making matters worse, hiring is becoming more difficult and expensive in the United States. ClearSource solves both problems by paying top-of-market wages and offering service locations that are largely immune to recruiting challenges.


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Home Warranty
Sr. Manager, Customer Service Partner

ClearSource has been an amazing partner over the past 3+ years. Because of the exceptional customer experience their agents provide to our customers, we recently tripled the volume of customer service business we now send to them. We trust ClearSource to take great care of customers and their results continue to exceed our expectations. The passion and love for our product is demonstrated by the effort they put forth on a daily basis. Our partnership works because they truly care about our customers and their needs.

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