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When Rob Goeller and Nate Spears started the company in 2007, they wanted it to be different. Instead of being obsessed with cutting costs and squeezing every bit of productivity out of agents, they envisioned a call center where team members loved their jobs and gave discretionary effort.

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The leadership model of ClearSource is one in which we connect the dots between what each person wants and our collective goal.

We perform better than other BPOs because everyone understands that we are here to help them succeed.

Nate Spears, ClearSource President

Rob & Nate met while running the Visa Signature Card program for one of the world’s greatest luxury car brands.

Customer service was outsourced to a call center and quality was far short of the brand’s customer experience standards. There was no shortage of potential call center partners, but they all focused on cutting costs, not delivering quality.

That’s when Rob & Nate had a light-bulb moment:

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What if we could deliver luxury customer service experience, but for other companies, on an outsourced basis?

ClearSource was founded on that principle and continues to deliver The Exceptional Customer Experience to this day.

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At ClearSource, The Exceptional Customer Experience meets these criteria:
tech support
Agents resolve issues on first contact, driving brand loyalty.
Emotional connection to the brand is enchanced
Customer sentiment = "I can't believe it was that easy."

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