Tiered Tech Support Makes Your CX Strategy More Efficient and Effective

Tech support agents may seem like technical wizards, but when they operate in a tiered system, they become the cornerstone of a smart CX strategy.

Here’s why: Tiered tech support puts your customers in touch with exactly the right tech support expert for their needs. Sure, that solves technical problems, but the system also creates excellent customer experiences.

For instance, say a customer has trouble signing into an account. A tier one tech support agent can help the customer locate the right website link or reset their password.

Now, say the customer has a more complex problem, like being misidentified as a scammer by the organization’s anti-phishing software. A tier two tech support agent can step in with their deeper knowledge of the hardware, servers, product, and service. After analyzing the customer’s situation, they find the solution and lift the block.

Finally, consider a really difficult customer problem, such as a network that’s running far too slowly. To fix it, the tech support agent would use their deep knowledge of the network to analyze logs and spot data bottlenecks in, typically, a lab environment. Then, with their specialized skills and tools, the tier three gets the network operating properly.

Each of those problems requires a different knowledge base. And if it turns out that the customer’s problem is more severe than it appeared, the tech support agent can escalate the problem up to the tier above. As a result, the company becomes a lot more efficient by matching customer to tier, problem to skillset.

The company also gets more satisfied customers. If the customer’s problem is directed to the tier that can best solve it, customers get expert help quickly. That is a fundamental quality of the customer experience. Excellent customer experiences are a big part of most CX strategies.

That’s exactly why ClearSource has Tier 1 through Teir 3 tech support agents. And when they’re solving your customers’ problems, your organization becomes more efficient – and your customers become more engaged. So while our tech support agents may seem like technical wizards (and they are), they’re also crucial to your CX strategy.

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