Marketing on the Right Channels Makes or Breaks a Strategy – And So Does CX

5.18 billion people have internet access, but only a few are potential B2B customers. Those are the people who need to hear your message. How do you reach them?

You have two choices. You can take a scattershot approach and spread your message far and wide, hoping that the right people hear the right thing. That takes a lot of time and money, and qualifying all those prospects eats your margin for breakfast — even 0.01% of 5.18 billion is a lot.

The second approach is to go where prospects are: the digital channels they’re already using. It’s a much more effective, efficient approach, but it takes a phased game plan. This is how you get started:

Phase 1.

  1. Look inside: Analyze your customer data, get input from your sales team, and survey your clients.
  2. Look outside: Do customer journey mapping, study your competitors’ marketing, and analyze social media statistics in your industry.

Phase 2.

  1. Use website analytics: search engines and social media have internal data that can direct your paid and owned marketing decisions.
  2. Use ClearSource’s formula for the exceptional customer experience: The issue is resolved upon first contact. The customer’s emotional connection with your company is enhanced. The time and effort required of the customer are minimized.

Phase 3.

  1. Select the channels your prospects are likeliest to use, and word the content in the way it’s most likely to resonate, and design a content strategy.
  2. Prepare your B2B to provide the ClearSource exceptional customer experience to your customers. That formula creates loyalty – and loyalty is profitability.

The last point is as important as all the rest. Getting prospects’ attention is necessary; transforming prospects into customers is crucial.

And in the end, you probably don’t need 5.18 billion customers. You need profitable customers and a growing market. Those customers are out there, and you can reach them with a thoughtful digital approach. You can retain them with an exceptional customer experience. That’s an advantage on every channel. And we make sure our clients’ customers experience it.

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