User-Managed Contact Center Outsourcing: The Best of Both Worlds

Normally, outsourcing your customer service to ClearSource BPO means we will handle the entire process. But some companies worry that means they lose total control of their customer experience—something many larger brands can’t afford to do. 

While ClearSource is dedicated to quality, we want you to have the utmost confidence in our customer service packages. That’s why we’re now offering a user-managed contact center outsourcing process, allowing you to have direct influence over your customer experience. 

The Basics of User-Managed Customer Service

In this service model, the contact center outsourcing is much more collaborative between you and ClearSource. Here’s a breakdown of what ClearSource will manage for you and what you will be responsible for if you choose this approach.

What You Do

You will provide our team with directions on how we should tweak the customer service experience to your brand’s specifications. That means you will be in charge of the general oversight of how we interact with your customers.

This does not mean you will need to have daily meetings with our call center agents. Instead, you will give us a general overview of how the agents should behave with customers. You can then check in with our teams as frequently as you desire to ensure we accurately represent your brand.

What ClearSource Does For You

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It doesn’t matter what style of customer service you want to emulate. Our trained agents will bring out the best customer experience possible by working with you to implement the best practices we’ve identified over the years.

Aside from the quality of service, ClearSource will also manage the clerical side of the customer service process. That includes:

  • Agent recruitment. We do our best to find agents who are genuinely interested or fans of your brand—whether they currently work at our company or are waiting to be hired to work for you. Outsourcing recruitment for your customer service agents means you can spend more time and energy recruiting your in-office talent.
  • IT support. Every piece of technology you need to run a state-of-the-art customer service team will be properly managed by our service technicians. You can rest easy knowing any technical difficulties will be quickly resolved.
  • Payroll. We handle the payroll of our customer service agents, and it comes out of our budget. You just pay us for our services, and we make sure your agents are fairly and competitively compensated.
  • On-location supervision. After you’ve outlined how you would like your customer service to be handled, we will supply a team leader to be the boots-on-the-ground supervisor. This supervisor will help establish the practices that you’ve outlined.


The Benefits of User-Managed Customer Service

The main benefits of managing your outsourced customer service are twofold: comfort and control. User-managed customer service is one of the only ways companies can have direct control and influence over an outsourced customer service team. This allows you to have better control of the customer experience. 

Normally, ClearSource will do its best to replicate your ideal brand experience when we interact with your customers. But with this process, there is no guesswork.

User-managed customer service can also be a good transitional tool for companies who are wary of outsourced recruitment for customer service. You can get the benefit of a fully trained outsourced team while still having a hand in the customer experience implementation.

Take Control of Your Customer Experience

Whether you want to retain control or let us manage it all, ClearSource will reflect your brand values in the customer service experience. Contact us to find out more about how a user-managed customer service approach could benefit your company.

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