Three Ingredients for Exceptional Customer Service

What is Exceptional Customer Service?

Every week we have a new hire class. I have the great opportunity to welcome our new hires to the company. And as part of that, I talk about customer experience. And I always ask them this question. I say, how do you provide exceptional customer service? And typically I hear things like, well you go above and beyond, right. And of course, I get that answer a lot and I say, okay that’s good but What is exceptional customer service?

I was reading an interview in Forbes magazine with Daymond John, he’s on Shark Tank. And in that interview he said, a great customer experience is when you do for your customer everything you can do after you’ve done what you’re supposed to do. So I had to ask myself that question, what is it that we’re supposed to do? Right? What is that base level?

The Three Ingredients for Exceptional Customer Service

For me, it comes down to three things, right. We have to minimize our customer’s time, effort, and expense in order to get the issue resolved. And so once we do that and then we layer in that everything we can do on top of that in terms of having a proactive and solution-oriented attitude, right. The only real component that I would add to that is just that we want to help them feel valued, feel heard, feel important.

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