The Top 4 Benefits of Customer Service Outsourcing

Too many companies think they can do it all by themselves. They get a research and development team, a marketing team, and a customer support staff so they can keep everything in-house. While this is certainly an achievable goal if you have the resources to invest, some companies simply aren’t ready to make that commitment. They find themselves overwhelmed and overburdened, with no energy left in the tank to innovate.

So how can these companies maintain these critical functions? By outsourcing to respected business partners.

An outsourced customer service team can only be beneficial for your company. And when you work with an experienced agency, you can enjoy the benefits that experience brings.

Here are four reasons why you need customer service and how outsourcing your team can offer unique benefits.

1. Prioritizes Customer Service Best Practices

Outsourced customer service call centers are trained on a myriad of best practices across multiple industries. As such, each agent is well-equipped to handle the best practices your company uses to communicate with customers, which may include:

  • An outstanding first impression
  • Data analysis to determine the success of a call
  • A personalized approach to customer care

Outsourced customer service isn’t just focused on the best practices of customer care. ClearSource BPO is on a mission to empower each of its employees. We implement our own best practices to ensure our customer service team is adequately prepared for each call and is encouraged to improve contact with your clients.

In summary: Your clients will be in good hands.

2. Adapts to Your Business’ Needs

The call volume coming into your customer support staff is rarely—if ever—consistent. Some weeks you may be flooded with calls; meanwhile, there are entire months when calls are sparse. 

This inconsistency can cause you to constantly hire and furlough call center agents if you have your own customer service team. But with an outsourced customer service team, call center agents can be moved on and off your account as needed. 

There’s no need for employee churn with ClearSource—when you don’t need intensive support, our agents will simply switch to another client with more demand.

3. Offers Offshore Options for Meaningful Cost Savings

Having an onshore customer service staff is helpful, as it allows you to contact your BPO with little to no time delays. However, hiring an onshore staff can get expensive. On the other hand, offshore employees can be more effective, but you may worry about possible language barriers.

ClearSource BPO offers a simple solution to this problem: offshore call center agents who speak next-door-neighbor English. We spend more than anyone else in the industry to provide offshore call center agents who have mastered English as a second language. This offers a cost-effective solution without sacrificing any quality in English language skills.

4. Encourages Lower Turnover and Absenteeism Rates

This benefit of customer service is fairly unique to ClearSource BPO. In an industry tormented by unmotivated staff and high attrition rates, ClearSource’s investment in our employees drops their attrition and absenteeism rates well below industry averages. 

You can rest assured that we will be as fully staffed as possible on any given day. And at full capacity, our staff will always be ready to take care of your clients.

The Customer Service You Need

No matter how low maintenance their product or service may seem, every business needs a customer service team. Your business is no exception—you need customer service, and you need it to be reliable. 

ClearSource BPO is the full-service customer service offering you’ve been looking for. Contact one of our representatives today to find out exactly how our services can help your business thrive.

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