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Our leadership at ClearSource BPO has the most experience in finance and banking that you will find in the customer service industry. That experience allows us to do everything from running operations to running credit card programs and credit card support.


Providing Secure and Reliable Services for Your Customers


Many people will switch their banks or financial institutions simply because they had a bad experience with customer service. Most often, it’s a lack of informed customer service or delayed time to a resolution that prompts the switch. What causes these problems? Unprepared customer service representatives.

At ClearSource BPO, our experience in the finance and banking industry helps us educate our agents to better handle your customers’ needs.

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How ClearSource BPO Helps the Finance and Banking Industry


Thanks to our experience in the finance and banking industry, we know what our agents need to be properly prepared and ready to provide customer support. Here is a taste of what we offer:

  • Proper Security Certification

Customer data security should be at the forefront of your call center’s strategies. Financial information in the wrong hands can be incredibly harmful and tarnish your customer relationships. As a company, we are PCI-DSS and SOC 2 Type 2 certified.

  • Quality Language Support

When customers call about their finances, they are probably already a little stressed out. Language barriers will only exacerbate this anxiety. That’s why we pay more than anyone else in our industry to hire the best English speakers in the workforce.

  • Low Customer Support Attrition

Employee attrition is historically very high in the customer service industry. This leads some companies to worry that their support center won’t be fully staffed. We help our agents to feel supported in their roles, allowing us to maintain an employee attrition rate well below the industry average.

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