Sharing the Vision at ClearSource

Currently, ClearSource leaders are undergoing a series of trainings to help them best capture the company vision and to enable optimal performance within their respective jobs.  These trainings, led by ClearSource Chief Customer Officer Nate Spears, are quickly becoming a staple of the company’s culture as they have been received positively at every level.

Within the June 14, 2017 training titled “Sharing the Vision”,  Mr. Spears started the presentation by quoting thought leader Simon Sinek, stating “Everyone has a why.  Do you know yours?  Your why is the purpose cause or belief that inspires you to do what you do.”

Spears continued by explaining that his “why” is to help everyone at ClearSource to see that serving customers is a noble endeavor, worthy of time and energy, and to ultimately help create an environment where when everyone leaves the workplace each day and can honestly say “I love my job”.

The ClearSource Vision

The ClearSource vision was then defined as with the following statements:

-We are Passionate about our work, not stressed.

-Side by side with people who love to serve each other.

-Helping clients that crave our expertise.

-Compensating to the value we create…which allows us to have the highest paid staff in the outsourced customer service industry.

A spotlight was then placed on world famous rock climber, Alex Honnold.  In 2009 Honnold completed the first free-solo climb of Regular North Face of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, a remarkable achievement.  Earlier this year Honnold was the first to ascend more than 3,000 feet, without a rope, up the El Capitan wall.  It was the most dangerous rope-free climb ever attempted.

Spears focused on what remarkable skill training Honnold must have endured to achieve such incredible accomplishments.  Finding an analogy for ClearSource employees, Spears presented this quote:  “Lasting change can only happen when the leaders authentically transform their mindset and believe the mission.”

The training moved forward by encouraging employees to move away from a mentality of “it’s just how things are” to something of more substance like “this is how we are going to think and act from now on”, coupled with authentic words and actions.  “It is only then can that we transform a culture”, Spears said.

The remaining topics focused on commitment and consistency.  It was stated that the key to transforming a culture is commitment, and the key to unlock that commitment is to ask for it.  From that point, consistent follow up was identified as the remaining part of the equation.

The training was closed by stressing the importance of working together with the same vision in mind.  As future trainings are held, ClearSource will look to refer back to the vision presented as the common goal for the “why” behind what they do.

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