ClearSource Leaders Recharge During Q1 Training

This past week ClearSource held a Leadership Training at ClearSource headquarters in Sandy, UT.  Nearly the entire leadership team, including program managers, team leaders, quality assurance, and executives joined for the meeting where a wealth of information and best practices were presented by ClearSource co-founder and Chief Customer Officer, Nate Spears.  The purpose of the meeting was to identify areas of improvement opportunity as ClearSource continues to grow and further secure itself as a top BPO (business process outsourcer) within the contact center space.

The theme of the training was “Hitting the Reset Button on Exceptional Customer Experiences.”  During the 90 minute meeting, Mr. Spears discussed his own work history and passion for delivering customer service of the highest caliber.  Mr. Spears discussed how serving others brings fulfillment, and used the example of a surprise birthday party.  “It’s often the person who throws the party who enjoys it as much or more than the person who the party is actually for”, he said.

Mr Spears’ vision

From there, Spears presented his vision.  That being to turn the customer service industry on its head, to change the paradigm, and to make customer service something that everyone loves to do.

Various video clips were used to help illustrate the vision.  One in particular focused on the construction of the One World Trade Center building in New York City.  The time lapse video captured the building of the structure from start to finish.  Spears commented “The building is beautiful, but what about the foundation?  What is the purpose of a foundation, and what is our foundation at ClearSource?”  Multiple attendees commented that doing what they are supposed to do as customer service agents (i.e. answer the call, provide service, resolve issues, give correct information) was the foundation.  The rest, the beautiful elements, could be likened to providing exceptional experiences for the customer.

Overall, the event strengthened uniformity and cohesiveness within the leadership team while enabling future successes through fresh vision and clarity of expectation.  Additional leadership training meetings are planned during the coming months.

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