ClearSource Leaders Set Q4 Strategy, Expectations, and Plan

This past Thursday, ClearSource leadership reviewed results from Q3 and discussed high level strategy for Q4. Following tradition, Rob Goeller, CEO at ClearSource, delivered the State of the Company Address highlighting successes and opportunities for the growing company.

A main theme of Goeller’s presentation was around the growth of the business. During Q3 ClearSource, at it’s core a customer experience company, was named to the Inc. 500 list for the third consecutive year and was recognized at #21 on MWCN’s Fast Utah 100 which highlights Utah’s fastest growing companies. With the internal expansion, ClearSource is set to open an additional office in Pleasant Grove, Utah in December.

Goeller also discussed the importance of continual improvement. He likened the need to fulfill partner expectations to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, stating “as we continuously meet and surpass each level of our partners’ expectations, previous aspirations become the norm and we must be prepared to continue to improve on past successes”. Goeller concluded, “With the talent and culture at ClearSource, we are absolutely capable to push customer satisfaction levels even higher than our current mid 90% range and drive enhanced loyalty and engagement for our partners’ brands.”

Also following tradition, ClearSource Chief Customer Officer Nate Spears awarded selected leaders with Clear Hero awards.  The Clear Hero award, awarded to peer nominated leaders, are given to those who best embrace the five core values of the company.  The winners were presented with a framed certificate and were recognized for the efforts they displayed to earn the awards.

ClearSource will regroup again in January to recap Q4, and review 2018 strategy.

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