Use BPO to Improve Customer Service & Experience with ClearSource

ClearSource BPO isn’t just in the customer service business; we’re here to improve customer experience.

We believe the best relationships exist in environments where trust reigns, so we strive to incorporate that sense of trust in every point of contact we have with our partners’ customers.

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What We Do

ClearSource’s objective is to make your company run fluidly.  Our complete suite of service offerings is geared to empower your business with premium technology, maximum productivity, and the most loyal customers.

Customer Service for Our Clients

Our specialty is our refined and streamlined approach to customer service. Our services include:

  • Industry-leading telephony support
  • Chat assistance
  • Email handling
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Cost-effective onshore and offshore solutions
  • Remote project management

These services are key to our partners regularly maintaining a 95%+ customer satisfaction rating.

Leadership Training for Our Employees

At ClearSource, “leader” is more than just a title—it’s a way of being. We empower our employees to live by proven leadership principles and train our managers to be the best in the business.

The result? Customer support agents who are better equipped and better motivated to work with our partners’ customers.


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Our Core Values

We aim to instill core values that help our agents focus on your customers and your business as a whole. Our goal is to teach and inspire the following five core values in all of our interactions with your customers: 

  1. Customer First — We share an intense passion for creating an exceptional customer experience.
  2. Humble Courage — Be brave enough to seek, deliver, and accept feedback.
  3. Personal Accountability — Commit to do the right thing and do it.
  4. Hungry — Do your best every day to make great things happen.
  5. Happy and Healthy — Choose well, live well.

The Future of Customer Service

Ready to work with a better BPO and customer service provider? We’re ready to help. Contact a representative today so we can tell you all about what we can do for you.