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Traeger & ClearSource Fire Up CX Perfection

Partners collaborate to offer sizzling CX  

Great BBQ takes time. Selecting the best ingredients is key but that alone doesn’t guarantee success. Technique matters too. The right rub, temperature, time, glaze and yes, even the choice of the grill, are key decisions. Get one step wrong and the taste isn’t quite right. Perfect them all, and the food brings pure joy.

The same is true for Customer Experience. A company can have great products, marketing, distribution, and culture, but if customers are less than thrilled with service and support, brand loyalty isn’t guaranteed.

Traeger Wood Fired Grills, under new CX leadership, revised its Customer and Dealer Experience strategy in 2019. The goal was to perfect the customer journey by collaborating with an outsourcer that had the expertise to operate like an in-house team. ClearSource got the nod and got to work.

Circumstance Faced
  • Frequent customer escalations to the CEO via LinkedIn and Facebook
  • CX sentiment of customers and dealers was historically low
  • Too many incorrect replacement parts were being shipped
Actions Taken
  • Traeger’s CX leader defined a visionary customer journey focused on quality
  • ClearSource collaborated with Traeger to reinvent the support model:
    • All roles and definitions are revised
    • Helpline- Tier 2 (handles escalations and agent questions)
    • Team Leader- Manager Agents and Helpline teams
    • A Tier 4 role was created for emergency escalations
    • CSAT Master- Calls every negative review customer for amelioration
    • Email as a channel is dropped by brand
    • Full LMS buildout provided by Traeger’s instructional design team
    • Escalation pathway revised to streamline process
    • Added insights to promote data driven approach to CX
    • Added CSAT post-case survey to drive analytics efforts
    • ClearSource takes ownership of CEO escalations
    • ClearSource implements weekly meetings to cover key issues
    • ClearSource begins sending staff to client offices for learning and collaboration
    • ClearSource best practices are shared across Traeger’s support network
    • Daily huddle is added to talk through key issues
    • ClearSource shares emerging trends during WBR meetings
Operational Approach
  • Agent Satisfaction
    • 2019: 74.4%
    • 2022: 95.9%
  • Ease of Resolution
    • 2019: 67.3%
    • 2022: 92.8%
  • First Call Resolution
    • 2019: 43.7%
    • 2022: 76.1%
  • Expedited Shipping (% of cases where shipping had to be expedited)
    • 2019: 26.9%
    • 2022: 0.4%
  • Parts Resolution (% of cases where customers say the part solved the issue).
    • 2019: 41.0%
    • 2022: 83.9%
  • Helpline Calls (% of calls that agents called client Helpline).
    • 2019: 19.4%
    • 2022: 4.6%
  • Streem Utilization (% of cases agents used video troubleshooting).
    • 2019: 4.8%
    • 2022: 34.1%
Go Forward

The effort to reimagine Customer Experience for Traeger has paid off in many ways. Performance has been exceptional, and the total cost of ownership for CX is markedly lower. By improving first-call resolution and reducing costs associated with replacement parts and escalations, both Traeger and its user community are winning. As a result, the partnership is stronger than ever. Traeger has hired several ClearSource employees for its internal team and collaboration is at an all-time high. A second service location recently launched, and early results exceed expectations. Together, Traeger and ClearSource have perfected the recipe for Customer Experience.

I trust ClearSource with our business as if they are part of our company. Their passion for our brand and our customers is clear and when issues arise, their entire team – from front line to senior management – are there with us to identify the root cause, share insights on things we can do better, as well as take ownership for getting the service experience back on track. I couldn’t ask for a better extension to our Traeger team.

Corey L. Savory-Venzke
VP, Customer Experience & Service

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