Case Study

ClearSource BPO Reinvents Solar Back-Office Support 

We take the hassle out of back-office function and let you focus on solar sales

Before ClearSource collaborated with a renewable energy client to reinvent the approach, the solar industry used outsourcing companies for simple back-office tasks. The client-partner relationship was typically arms-length and transactional. A solar company with mundane tasks needed an inexpensive way to get them done. The solution was to bring in a BPO with operations in a low-cost center offshore and make sure they never touch a critical part of the business. That had always been the typical relationship in this vertical … until ClearSource turned this paradigm on its head.

Circumstance Faced

Our partner’s business was growing as demand for renewable energy surged. Sales agents in the field were converting appointments but company leadership knew Customer Experience could improve. Prospects had to wait too long to see project diagrams of the new solar system they wanted, and customers had many questions during and after the installation process that had to be answered promptly.  ClearSource embarked on a bold plan to reinvent the approach to back-office work by focusing on quality and expertise.

Cityscape with solar panels in middle of buildings.
How ClearSource Energy Services helps the solar industry infographic.
Actions Taken
  • ClearSource hired a former solar designer/executive to head up its growing Renewable Energy support team.
  • Our expert then assembled a team to design and implement efficient processes to support the customer journey for solar companies.
  • ClearSource hired a new learning & development director to specialize in training design engineers.
  • Launched a Solar University with extensive training modules
  • Added Tier 2 team for permit designs
  • Added Tier 2 Civil Engineering Team
  • Added Tier 2 Sales Support Team
  • Added Tier 3 Business Analysis Team
  • Added Tier 3 Diagnostic Team
  • Added Tier 3 Case Manager
Operational Approach

ClearSource truly built a team from the ground up to support every aspect of a solar installation. Client sales reps are in the field quoting a job, while ClearSource engineers design the installation, project energy costs, and review the contract before signatures are executed. We then oversee the permitting process; supply project management for the installation and even troubleshoot products remotely. In short, ClearSource functions as an outsourced, in-house team.


KPI (Key Performance Indicators) attainment

  • Increased Sales Support Quality from 81% to 92%
  • AHT (Average Handling Time) went from at goal to 123% to goal (we are 23% more efficient)
  • Quality for Contract Review at 99% on a goal of 95%
  • Error rate for Contract Review is 1% on a goal of 5%
  • Attendance is 97% on a goal of 95%


  • Our Renewable Energy team has grown 10X
  • Lines of Business supported increased from 6 to 24
  • Launched a new Geo to support added growth, design capabilities
Go Forward

ClearSource is the go-to BPO for the solar industry because we deliver winning solutions that simplify complex processes and deliver uncommon value.  With a focus on operational excellence, ClearSource is committed to providing high-touch customer service. From strategic planning to implementation of new processes and technology, team ClearSource strives for continuous improvement in our quest to always deliver The Exceptional Customer Experience.

Why Choose Us?

No one else in the customer service industry delivers better support services for the solar industry. From sales support to engineering to customer care, we support the entire customer journey.

We are committed to taking the hassle out of the back-office functions relating to getting solar and other renewables installed. We want you to focus on what you do best, which is selling and installing solar.


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