ClearSource Leaders Discuss Q3 Strategy, Prepare for Additional Growth

This past Friday ClearSource reviewed successes from Q2 and discussed Q3 strategy at the company’s headquarters in Sandy, UT.  Following tradition, ClearSource CEO Rob Goeller delivered the State of the Company Address which highlights opportunities, challenges, and overall strategy for the growing organization.  Goeller identified particular areas of focus for the new quarter, including operational excellence and sales growth, as the company pushes further expansion initiatives.  The remainder of his remarks touched upon the book which ClearSource leaders read during the month of June, “The Outward Mindset” by the Arbinger Institute.  The book, which promotes a theme of focusing on the needs of other’s above one’s own, resonates well with ClearSource’s “Customer First” culture.  Goeller commented, “As we focus directly on our partner’s needs, we will continue our tradition of success”.  He also highlighted the disparity between industry standard customer satisfaction levels to those which ClearSource consistently produces.  He stated “while industry standard for our space is anywhere between 50-70% on customer satisfaction levels, ClearSource continues to maintain levels above 95%, which speaks to the absolute commitment we have to the customer”.

Nate awards the Clear Hero awards

In addition to Mr. Goeller’s address, Chief Customer Office, Nate Spears, awarded various leaders with Clear Hero awards.  These awards are given to company leaders nominated by peers and who best embrace the five core values of the company.  The winners were presented with a framed certificate and were recognized for the efforts they displayed to earn the awards.

ClearSource leaders will regroup again in October to recap Q3, and focus on Q4 strategy.

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