Case Study

ClearSource earns customers for life for Wellness partner

ClearSource delivers quality for hyper-growth Wellness partner

This client develops and markets holistic health & wellness products through eCommerce and direct-to-consumer channels. Live-clean is the ethos of this brand and its 3 million loyal customers around the world.

Circumstance Faced
  • Interaction volume skyrocketed due to supply-chain restrictions
  • An average of 500 calls were in queue during peak hours
  • Average wait time was 5 hours to get help
  • Staffing was difficult due to a labor shortage
healthy person
healthy person
Actions Taken
  • Client approved a 60-day project with ClearSource to handle the volume surge
  • ClearSource closely aligned its hiring profile to find ideal agents for our client:
    • Customer care experience for eCommerce companies was key
    • Empathy, caring, and a natural affinity for helping others
    • Agents had to be tech savvy so they could provide seamless CX
    • Alignment with the brand ethos of Clean Living
  • ClearSource launched with 15 US agents to clear the queue and raise quality
Operational Approach
  • Tier 1 agents helped customers place, edit, track and cancel orders
  • Tier 2 agents helped the client’s social marketers with commission questions
  • Weekly QA calibrations with client
  • Weekly Business Reviews
  • Triweekly Huddle client
  • Quarterly lunches with client
  • Dedicated training team responsible for new hire, upskill and refresher training
  • Focus groups with agents
  • Daily coaching of agents and weekly 1-on-1 meetings
  • Average hold time stabilized and quality increased within the first 30 days.
  • The special project evolved into a full-time partnership
  • ClearSource launched an offshore location to handle growth within 90 days
  • A nearshore location was added as the partnership matured
  • Monthly absenteeism and attrition below 3%
  • QA score average exceeds 90%
  • SLAs (Service Level Agreements) consistently in the 94-98% range
Go Forward

With 150 FTEs (Full Time Equivalent) on the program steady state, the partnership is stronger than ever. Not only has using ClearSource saved our client more than $11 Million since July 2020, but the company is also confident in knowing its BPO partner can scale with quality to meet all future needs.

We have been working with ClearSource for about two and a half years now. What started off with a plan to work with them for a couple months has turned into a long-term solution with which we are very happy and impressed with. From the first interactions with ClearSource, they have made us feel very important to them. Each interaction has been very personable and professional. Starting with about 20 agents and quickly scaling up to 100+ has been seamless. Their attention to quality and detail is exceptional. They go above and beyond to make sure that everything is handled and are usually a step ahead of us. We are very impressed with ClearSource and are thrilled that they are a part of our team.

Live Clean
Senior Manager, Customer Service Operations

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