Telephone Support: An Essential of Customer Service Outsourcing


Any organization that wants a robust customer service solution must have a call center service at its disposal. Find out why you should outsource customer service calls to ClearSource BPO.


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Why Telephone Support?


Telephone support is essentially the industry standard for customer support. Without it, customers have to rely on either email correspondence or live chats to resolve their issues. 


While both have a place in customer service strategies, they can also be slow and impersonal forms of communication. Here’s how telephone support makes a difference:


  • Opportunity for empathy: The ability to empathize with customers is an essential one in the customer service industry. This is nearly impossible to achieve through written language alone. But when agents speak with their customers over the phone, they can more effectively connect on a personal level.
  • Better for nuanced topics: Not every answer is clear-cut, and not many people have time to write or read a massive block of text. Talking over the phone can more easily address nuanced questions and lead to a more satisfactory answer.
  • Simpler resolutions: While email and chat may be more convenient for some, talking on the phone is just simpler. Customers and agents will get real-time responses to their questions, which usually leads to faster resolution.


How Does Telephone Support Outsourcing Work?


Most companies won’t have the bandwidth or enough employees to manage all of their customer service calls. Instead, you can rely on ClearSource, an elite outsourced customer service solution, to do the job for you.


Here’s how it works:


  • You tell us the experience you want your customers to have
  • You assign your customer service number to our system
  • You train us on your organization’s processes and policies


After that, we’ll take it from there. Our agents will receive training and regular follow-ups to ensure we meet the standards you provide.

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