Solar Call Centers for Vendors and Customers

No one else in the customer service industry provides a better solar call center support offering than ClearSource BPO. From supporting your on-the-ground salesmen to fielding calls from their customers, our agents have the resources to properly support the entire Solar process.


The Whole Package for Solar Companies

Solar companies need a support system for both their employees, clients, and processes. For example, their salesmen should have a team helping them prepare price estimates and planning out designs for solar installation. Meanwhile, after the sale, a solar company’s clients will need a contact for when they have questions about their new energy resource.


Many solar companies may look to two different entities to provide this support: an in-house management team and an outsourced customer service team. However, you can have both of these solar call center support systems with a single source: ClearSource BPO.

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How ClearSource BPO Helps the Solar Industry

We are designed to be your one-stop shop for all solar support. Here’s how we do it.

  • Sales Representative Support

While your sales representatives are knocking on doors and explaining your product to potential customers, we’ll instantly draft up proposals to streamline the sales process. We also have engineers on our staff who can draw up a design plan for solar installation, a resource your sales team can use to drive home the value of solar to leads.

  • Project Management for Installation

Once the sale is made and it’s time to install, you won’t have to hire any project managers for the installation process. Our team will take on the project management so your installation team knows where they need to go and how they need to install the solar panels. That includes managing completed contracts, handling upgrades the customer requests, and facilities communication between the customer and your sales team.

  • Post-Sale Support

After your sales representatives and installers have done their jobs, your customers can still call us for backend customer support. This encompasses everything from troubleshooting the customer’s solar system to assessing possible damage to their panels.

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