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ClearSource BPO’s live chat service helps you quickly engage with customers who prefer the flexibility of chat as opposed to calling on the phone. 


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How Does Live Chat Work?


From the customer’s point of view, a little pop-up chat box will appear on your website (usually in the bottom right corner). If they click on it and ask a question, it will alert an agent who is prepared to answer their questions.


Once your agent connects with the customer, they can chat back and forth for as long as it takes to resolve the issue.

Why Customers Love Chat Assistance


Many customers enjoy and even prefer live chat solutions over traditional calls and email. Here’s why:


  • Skips the pleasantries: Talking over the phone usually involves unnecessary niceties. Live chat avoids that entirely, letting them dive in straight to the issue at hand.
  • No time constraints: Customers can spend as much or as little time as they would like solving a lot of issues or focusing on just one.
  • Includes a written record: It’s easy to look back on the conversation to remember what was agreed upon or what the troubleshooting steps were; no longer do customers need to write down notes as the agent dictates the solution.


Why You Will Love Chat Assistance


Live chat assistance has just as many benefits for you as it does for your customers:


  • Reach more people: Since so many customers prefer it, offering live chat assistance is an easy way to help leads and customers you could never reach otherwise.
  • Better contact volume: With calls, service agents can really only focus on one customer at a time. But in a chat format, they can take care of three to four customers at a time.
  • More available information: Agents are able to tie browsing history to the chat inquiry, meaning they can see how the customer interacted with the site before starting the chat. This can accelerate the troubleshooting process or enhance the sales process by giving the agent more context into the issue.
  • Easier link sharing: Instead of sending an email for the customer to check later, agents can send helpful links to self-help guides and other resources in real time.


Why You Should Use ClearSource BPO

Working with ClearSource BPO means less work for you and better results.


Our experienced agents are best equipped to handle your customers’ questions and are already trained with chat assistance etiquette and strategy. 


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