Quick Resolutions for Home Warranty Claims Processing

Looking for a service to streamline your home warranty claims process? ClearSource BPO will help you take care of your customers and improve your processes.


A BPO to Easily Centralize Home Warranty Claims

Too often home warranty and insurance companies are inundated with claims not covered by their warranty contracts. This causes companies to waste time and money denying claims—which can also lead to irritated and disgruntled customers.


ClearSource BPO is designed to help your customers file error-free claims, get those claims to the right service providers, and coordinate the completion of repair or replacement.

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How ClearSource BPO Supports Home Warranty

Once you’ve acquired your customers and they’ve signed their warranty contract, we’ll take care of the rest, including:

  • Warranty Claims Processing

When your customers sign a home warranty agreement, they are entitled to make service claims if something is broken in their home. To do that, they will call us so we can file the ticket for them. By outsourcing your claims processing, you can be confident that every claim entering your inbox has been properly vetted and reviewed and is ready to be processed by your employees.

  • Service and Repair Coordination

After the claim is processed, we will work with you or your service provider to coordinate the repair or replacement requested in the claim. This ensures your customers remain satisfied and feel appreciated with your prompt response to their requests.

  • Customer Contract Support

Your customers may also have questions regarding their home warranty contracts. With your permission, we will have all warranty contracts on file so we can quickly answer any questions they may have. This can help them better understand what is and isn’t covered in their contract and what they can expect to get out of a service request.


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