Full-Service Support for Direct Sales and Multi-Level Marketing


ClearSource BPO has years of experience in the direct sales industry, making us the optimal choice when looking to support your customers and vendors.


Supporting MLM Growth From Start-Up to Worldwide Reach


Most MLM companies are in their infancy and can’t afford to support an in-house customer support staff. ClearSource BPO can help these companies support their customers while still building up their brand and their following.


Meanwhile, ClearSource BPO is equally equipped to aid multinational conglomerate companies’ customer support. We’re proud to offer our services to direct sales companies at any stage of development.


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How ClearSource BPO Supports Direct Sales Companies


Our approach to direct sales support is much more holistic than what is found elsewhere in the industry—our agents are equipped to handle any caller that enters your system.

  • Distributor and User Support

Direct sales companies are different from other industries. They not only deal with end customers, but they also have to field questions from their distributors. ClearSource BPO is intimately familiar with this unique business relationship, allowing us to support product users and distributors at a moment’s notice.

  • On-Shore and Off-Shore Service Offerings

Since so many MLM companies are just getting started, they also need support for their localized area. This means some companies will need on-shore and/or off-shore support. We are large enough to accommodate both needs.

  • Full Language Support

We pay top dollar to hire the best English speakers in the business. No matter who your customers talk to, they will speak with native-level English speakers who can answer questions with little to no language barrier.


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