From Founder to Leadership Guru: The Journey of Nate Spears

Fearless Founders Podcast: Building a High-Growth BPO with Nate Spears, Co-founder of ClearSource

Tune in to the Fearless Founders podcast, hosted by Benoy Tamang and Ike Kavas, for an insightful conversation with Nate Spears, co-founder of ClearSource BPO.

In this episode, Nate dives deep into his strategies for growing a successful BPO company alongside his co-founder, Rob Goeller. Gain valuable insights on leadership practices, employee engagement techniques, and the importance of fostering a people-centric company culture. Learn valuable lessons on reducing employee turnover, leading with empathy, and building a thriving business – all informed by the experiences and learnings of Nate and Rob.

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