Get Organized with ClearSource BPO’s Email Management Services

Without the right email management support, your organization will quickly become inundated with emails from customers, vendors, and bots—with no way of knowing which has a higher priority. That’s where ClearSource BPO’s email management service comes to the rescue.


Manage My Emails


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Why Email Management?

Email management helps you and your employees keep better track of your emails, so you can effectively prioritize and respond to the most pressing messages. 

  • Outsourced email response: If a customer or vendor asks a question with a simple answer, your email management service can quickly respond instead of forwarding it to your employees. This gives you the time to address those higher priority correspondences.
  • Better organized inboxes: You can get hundreds or even thousands of emails in a single day. An email service management solution will automatically sort through these emails, alerting you to the more pressing ones and sorting the rest by priority.
  • Reduced email collisions: When emails are poorly organized, several of your employees may respond to the same email, leaving the recipient confused and frustrated. Email management ensures each email only gets a single response.


How Does Email Management Outsourcing Work?

When you outsource your email management to ClearSource BPO, you invest in a streamlined and effortless process. Here’s how it works:

  • You grant us access to your company’s main email.
  • We automatically sort your emails by priority.
  • We send high-priority emails directly to your inbox.
  • We respond to customer service emails based on your instructions.


Get Your Inbox In Order

It’s time to take control of your email system. Talk to ClearSource BPO today to learn more about our email management services.


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