ClearSource Leaders Evaluate Past, Plan for Future in Q2 Discussion

This past Friday ClearSource held it’s Q2 State of the Company Discussion at ClearSource’s headquarters in Sandy, UT.  Nearly the entire leadership team, consisting of 31 individuals, attended the discussion where a wealth of information and strategy was presented to further secure ClearSource as a globally recognized, top performing BPO (business process outsourcing).

Topics discussed included new business initiatives, target planning, labor costs, goal review, and continued growth and recognition of the perennial Inc. 500 company.  Emphasis was also placed on expanding the ClearSource reach into the realms of consulting and technology.

The 5 Core Values

Additionally, awards were given out to ClearSource leaders who best embraced the 5 core values of the business.  The core values continue to a significant backbone of the company, as all internal decisions are driven with the core values in mind.  The core values are:  Customer First, Teamwork and Accountability, Humble Confidence, Enthusiastic and Fun, and Hardworking and Smart.  Those who won the awards were presented with a framed certificate and will be spotlighted further in the coming weeks.

Overall, the meeting strengthened uniformity and cohesiveness within the leadership team while enabling future successes through fresh strategy and goal setting.  As ClearSource continues its rapid growth, the group will next look towards July 2017 when they meet again for the Q3 State of the Company Discussion.

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