A Retail BPO Experience that Matches Your Brand Experience


ClearSource BPO can develop a high-end retail outsourcing service for your consumer brand. With our services, your customers will enjoy holistic support whenever they need it.


Mending the Disconnect Between Brand Image and Customer Service


It’s a tale as old as time; customers have an outstanding and unique experience with your brand but don’t get the same stellar treatment from your customer service representatives. There is too often a disconnect when companies outsource their retail BPO. ClearSource BPO is designed to bridge that divide.


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How ClearSource BPO Supports High-End Consumer Brands


ClearSource BPO manages high-end consumer brands by offering high-end customer service. With our unique approach to business process outsourcing:

  • We Identify and Emulate What Makes Your Brand Special

Our BPO agents will analyze your brand and emulate your image. This way, no matter if your customers are on your website or talking to one of our agents, they will always enjoy the same brand experience.

  • We Hire Your Fans

Too many customers have called a customer service number only to be greeted by an agent who is not familiar with the product or service in question. That’s because most BPOs don’t find agents who are genuinely interested in your services. We promise to match your incoming callers with agents who are your brand fanatics.

  • We’re Conscientious of Your Warranty Replacement

We’ll help you honor your warranty promise, but we won’t go overboard. We’ve found that by taking the time to assess and treat the customer’s problem, satisfaction goes up more than if we just gave them a brand new replacement product.  We’ll work with your customers to adequately solve their problems and we only offer a warranty replacement when it’s absolutely necessary.


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