Our Team



Nate Spears | Chief Customer Officer

Nate Spears, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer of ClearSource, knows exceptional customer service.  With extensive experience managing customer service teams at companies like American Express and BMW, Nate is passionate about evangelizing principles such as employee engagement and customer loyalty.  After co-founding ClearSource in 2008, he has helped build the business into a perennial renowned, nationally recognized outsourced customer support group.


Eric Dahl | VP, Operations & Marketing

Eric Dahl, VP of Operations and Marketing, has a history of providing executive leadership and results to growing, award winning organizations.  Eric is tasked with ensuring day to day operational excellence by leading various teams while balancing management of employee performance and corporate growth.  Additionally, Eric is passionate about spotlighting ClearSource’s unique culture and driving company impressions through various marketing channels.



Ryan Nilsson | VP, Strategic Partnerships

Ryan Nilsson, VP of Strategic Partnerships, has extensive experience within startups, turnarounds, and building established organizations.  Ryan oversees business development at ClearSource and works closely with prospective external partners to identify opportunities within their companies to improve customer experience.  Ryan is skilled in crafting specialized strategies which combine the needs of client with the talent of ClearSource’s internal teams.  Outside of work, Ryan has a profound love for the outdoors, and can be found on the weekends enjoying all that his home state of Utah has to offer.


Pam Wilson | VP, Product Development

Pam Wilson, VP Product Development, has spent her career in training and developing systems, processes, and products.  She has developed sales systems, marketing programs, training implementations and several products.  Pam has a passion for finding new and innovative ways to improve customer experiences while increasing efficiency.  She believes that with the right framework in place, companies and employees can achieve amazing things.  Personally, Pam is an avid sports fan (specifically basketball and football), loves reading, and watching her children in all the various activities they are involved in.